4 Tips For Building Up Your Digital Election Campaign

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It's no secret that the campaign trail has evolved from kissing babies to making an impact on today's digital generation. Balancing "old school" campaign tactics with newer online and social media tools is integral regardless of the size of the community you are trying to reach. The following are just a few tips to help you get your digital campaign up and running.

Tip #1: Know Your Constituents Tech Habits

This may seem like campaigning basics, but there are some key things you need to know before moving onto a digital platform. First and foremost, how tech-savvy are they? The younger generation may prefer to receive almost all of their information from their phones, computers and tablets, while older constituents may still be more receptive to newspaper ads. One way to bridge this gap, without boring those that overlap both the digital and analog world, is to design complementary yet different ad campaigns for each type of medium.

Tip #2: Manage Social Media

It goes without saying that a social media presence is a must. Whether you opt to use just one of the more popular platforms or try to hit them all, you will need someone that knows what they are doing monitoring the accounts at all times. This is where experience matters most. What happens in social media happens immediately and it cannot be erased from public consciousness easily. This means every comment made in the name of your campaign must fully reflect the values and platform you plan to uphold.

Tip #3: Use Video to Your Advantage

Video is one of the few campaign methods that works well across platforms. Whether your commercials are showing on television or as an ad before an online video, you are getting a chance to talk directly to your voters. Generally, you want ads that tackle actual issues while still remaining short and punchy. One benefit with computer video ads, as opposed to television, is that you can create ads that the voter can interact with. This means embedding links to further information or interesting websites that deal with your issues or campaign.

Tip #4: Create a Community

One thing the internet has provided is the ability to create a community quickly. Use this to your advantage by visiting local political forums for an online Q&A session with voters. You can also host hangouts and online Q&A's on other social media platforms. An email list that allows readers to email in questions to a weekly campaign newsletter is yet another way you can use digital means to forge real life connections with potential voters.

If you need a little help, consider turning to political campaign consulting for more tips on building up your digital campaign.


17 November 2015

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