Provide Your Home With Clean, Safe Well Water

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If the water supply in your home appears to be tainted due to chemicals or foreign substances that are in the well that is on your residence's property, use the following tips to sanitize the water so that is safe for consumption. Materials screwdriver drop cloth bucket water hose detergent soft-bristled scrub brush vacuum suction unit chlorine bleach water treatment tablets Remove The Filter And Pump And Clean Each Piece

14 November 2016

Important Election-Day Dos And Don'ts For Voters

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While certainly the most popular political election in terms of voter turnout is the presidential election, the fact remains that individual states and municipalities hold elections much more frequently. As a democratic society, the needs and demands of the masses are best met when everybody participates in the voting process. So whether you're preparing to cast your vote for president, governor, mayor, or even Senate seats, there are some things you should be reminded of before you head to the polls.

16 December 2015

4 Tips For Building Up Your Digital Election Campaign

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It's no secret that the campaign trail has evolved from kissing babies to making an impact on today's digital generation. Balancing "old school" campaign tactics with newer online and social media tools is integral regardless of the size of the community you are trying to reach. The following are just a few tips to help you get your digital campaign up and running. Tip #1: Know Your Constituents Tech Habits

17 November 2015